Targeted Executive Coaching for Leaders


Group Marketing Director – global property organisation


An executive wanting to shift traditional and risk-averse mindsets amongst members of his newly inherited team...

What We Did

The initial sessions of this executive coaching programme focused on exploring the cause of the executive’s presenting issue, both from the perspective of his leadership style, the organisational culture he had entered and the dynamics of the team he was now leading.

Referencing Deep C’s model for building high-performing teams, subsequent sessions identified the relevant behaviours, tasks and conversations that the executive needed to undertake to encourage greater flexibility and a willingness to experiment within his team.

Behavioural assignments were set up between sessions and systematically reviewed in terms of outcomes and overall impact. The executive coach was periodically able to gather qualitative feedback within the business on the impact of the changes that the executive implemented; data which was used to further inform the ongoing coaching process over the six-month period.

The Leadership Advantage

  • A six-month follow-up highlighted reported increases in both team productivity and morale
  • Both the coachee and the programme sponsor commented how the team had improved reputationally within the business
  • Group Marketing started to take a more proactive role in helping shape the broader business transformation effort
  • The programme sponsor commented how the executive had emerged from the coaching process a more insightful leader.