Leadership Team Coaching


Senior executive team – global science and technology organisation


A Country Manager who wants to enhance the learning, effectiveness and growth of the senior executive team...

What We Did

The intervention aimed to cultivate a greater awareness of personal and collective strengths and opportunities for further development, as well as developing and sustaining a high-performing team mentality. Deep C partnered with the Country Manager and his six-strong executive team to co-design and co-facilitate the programme, while providing both individual and leadership team coaching.

The programme comprised distinct phases, commencing with design and definition of the intervention milestones (process, content, logistics, communication etc.). Psychometric assessment was included for diagnostic purposes, both for individuals and the executive team as a whole. The second phase involved three individual 2-hour coaching sessions for team members (including the Country Manager). These sessions were followed by three team coaching events, each three-quarters of a day, with 6 months in between the sessions.

The emphasis of the team coaching was on elevating the reflective capability of team members. Updates were provided in between the team coaching sessions about the status of agreed actions to improve team productivity, cohesion and overall effectiveness. Key issues that were addressed included (a) clarifying and aligning around the team’s mission, (b) working together and managing team dynamics to provide higher levels of trust, support, challenge, commitment and accountability and (c) developing individually and as a team the skills, capacity and character to be able to deliver on the team’s commission.

The Leadership Advantage

  • A three-month follow-up showed increases in both team performance and improved quality of the team’s interactions
  • Enhancements to the CM’s team leadership capabilities e.g. improving psychological safety, team reflexivity and innovation
  • Executives enhanced their personal insight about the ways in which they could catalyse and contribute to the team’s growth
  • The programme also identified risk factors concerning personal and team derailment and how these could be mitigated.