Transitional Executive Coaching for Leaders


VP, international tech company


A senior leader who is transitioning to their first executive role and who is under pressure to ‘hit the ground running’...

What We Did

An executive ‘new leader integration’ coaching programme was devised, spanning six months and initially comprising leadership assessment together with six, 2-hour integration coaching sessions. The programme focused on the internally-appointed leader’s ‘fastest route to competence’ as he transitioned into his new role.

The company agreed a six-month trial period for him to make a demonstrable success of the role, with coaching used to both leverage his strengths and minimise the likelihood of derailment during the transition phase. Key to success was the leader’s ability to develop trust, credibility and commitment quickly, working as part of the executive leadership team. The coach also provided facilitation support for a two-day team integration offsite, led by the leader with his new team. Observational data and upward feedback from the event were used to further support the leader’s ongoing transition and inform subsequent development discussions with the leader and programme sponsors.

The Leadership Advantage

  • The leader’s appointment was confirmed as permanent one month ahead of him completing his trial period
  • They were able to quickly get ahead of the curve in terms of resolving competing operational and strategic priorities
  • There was a notable and positive shift in the narrative about the role of his function across the business
  • The leader was able to use insights about his leadership reputation to build trust with his executive leadership peers.